Thursday, February 3, 2011

Butter Brickle - Scent Shot

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Name: Butter Brickle
Category: Bakery
Description: Extremely buttery and creamy smelling. Strong base notes of vanilla, with hints of almond. 
Color: Bright, butter yellow
Rating: 4.5/5

I am in ~love~ with Butter Brickle.  It really is true to its description.  Very buttery, which is how I describe it to everyone.  Very creamy.  The vanilla, while strong, isn't overpowering to me.  The almond comes into play for me after a few deep whiffs.  It took me a little while to detect it because I'm used to cherry almond, which this is *NOT.*  So if you don't like cherry almond, don't worry about it with this one.  There's nothing fruity about it.  It's the same on cold and warm throw, which I like.  It's not really something I think I'd equate with baking, as far as an ingredient goes - but it definitely belongs in the kitchen.  Something I think I'd like to burn in the center of my stove, to keep my kitchen smell homey.

I have intentions of buying this in a bigger candle, and look forward to it. 

<3 Amber 

All pictures have been left unaltered save for resizing so that the texture of the candles can be seen in true form, and are copyrighted to me.  Should you want to use them, please feel free, but do not credit yourself.


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