Friday, February 4, 2011

Brooke's Delight - Scent Shot

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Name: Brooke's Delight
Category: Fruity
Description: A combination of Tangerine and Fresh Oranges, this is one fruity yummy scent!
Color: Light, burnt orange
Rating: 4.5/5

     At first sniff, I couldn't really place what I thought Brooke's Delight was, but I realized after reading the description, that it's tangerine.  I don't normally eat/buy tangerines, so I honestly didn't know they had a different smell.  They definitely do - and this is stronger on tangerine to me, than it is just 'orange'.  It's very strong.  A little ~too~ strong on cold throw for me, but this is very nice on warm throw - even though it's still strong.  I was surprised to find that it wasn't overly citrus-y, either.  It doesn't have a *sweet* smell, but it doesn't have that 'tart' smell to me.  I'd definitely call it a Summer-y scent, but I am not really picky about when I  burn my scents (other than maybe not burning a Hollyberry scent other than at Christmas, lol!)  I have every intention of buying this in a big candle, and look very forward to it.  I've been forcing myself to melt other scent shots so that I don't use all this one up right away, I still have half!  I'm savoring it!

     I'm glad that a few of you girls are excited to see me do this blog.  It gives me incentive to keep with it, instead of just doing it a couple of times and forgetting about it, like I have a habit of doing with ~everything!~  And with Victoria following, well, I can't NOT do it now, can I? =D
<3 Amber


Hugs4jax -It's My Life- said...

Another great description... i cant wait to see more of these!! Keep it up girly!!

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